Saturday, 7 May 2011

First Post!!

So I'm supposed to be rehearsing for my exam in 2 days time, but I've got hiccups so obviously the best thing to do is to start a blog! I don't really get blogs, like what they're for, or why people do them and stuff, but I know they're quite useful when you're trying to find stuff out!

As a starter, I think this blog's basically going to be about me! But seriously now, I'm going to post things that might be interesting- maybe a new nail art technique I'm trying out, or a dress I'm making- and the big thing is of course that I love to receive mail, so if you have any questions or anything, fire away!

I also have a few pets so I might post stuff on here about them, that's always useful. So a short introduction to them:
This Joanna, a bearded dragon, most commonly known as Jo, Joey or Jo-Jo.

This is Frank, Joey's husband, except they've been separated cos it's mating season and he's getting a bit aggressive (hence the black beard!)  Also known as Frankie- strange name for a boy!

This is Nutmeg, a dumbo rat. Also known as Meggy.

 These two are Clove and Sage. They used to be grey, and one had a stripe on her face so I could tell the difference and now I can't, so they're not really known by anything else!!

Now when I reference them in future posts you'll know who I'm talking about! I think Joey's going to have some eggs soon, so that'll make an interesting post for y'all!

I just got my iPhone a couple of days ago so that's my biggest love at the moment! All these photos were taken on it- not bad quality eh?!
I'm going to go away now and redo my nails since I've been cleaning the oven all morning. Ciao for now!

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