Saturday, 14 May 2011

eBay eBay eBay...

So I think in every post I've mentioned eBay, for it is my greatest love. You can get pretty much everything, dirt cheap, but it's hard to know who to trust in this big wide cyberworld. So here are some links to some great sellers, who I've dealt with and always deliver excellent stuff for very little money.

So every nail designer needs a set of basic brushes. Don't go paying silly money for a set, get 15 brushes here for a few quid!

The next thing on the list if you want eye-catching nails is of course GLITTER!!
Here, you can get 12 pots of glitter,in every colour for next to nothing!

Another attention-grabbing detail is always the rhinestone. £2!! Can't go wrong!

(And this seller has my favourite colour in their name- even better!)

So I already put a link to these nail foils on a previous post, but just so they're all together:

(So technically the link isn't ebay, but you do purchase through ebay, so it's the same! Plus, you get free rhinestones with these, what's not to love?!)

Obviously there are many more bargains to be had, these are just items that I own and can say I'm pleased with. As a disclaimer- I don't know any of these people and I'm not actively promoting them, but people deserve to know where to shop!
Also, I put the links to the sellers because obviously links to actual products will expire with the auctions. All you have to do is click items for sale and you'll see them on there.
So have fun with your purchases. And feel free to email me photos of your new found toys! Maybe I'll start a little gallery....

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