Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fimo Canes!!!

Hello again everyone.
So I've gotten another new toy!! This time it's fimo canes; another nail accessory!
They're pretty awesome- they're like bits of rock that you cut up and stick on your nails. I mean they're versatile, you can use them for anything!
Here's the canes:
They're quite tricky to get the hang of; you need to cut them proper thin so they don't flick off your nails in the first 5 minutes! You can create some pretty awesome stuff with them though!
So here's my version:

Sorry the picture's not great. But you get the idea. 
They're really cheap too. I got 100 canes- which can be cut up to 100 times- for £4 on ebay! 
Gotta love ebay man!
Here's a link to the seller:
They are from China, but trust me, they arrive and I got 2 blades to cut them with aswell!

So my suggestion is, get some and try it out! You can get tons of designs so have a look and a mess around. Good luck!

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