Sunday, 3 June 2012

Penny :)

The blog title does state cute things, and Penny is indeed cute.
She's a 2 year old African Pygmy hedgehog that I took in. She's a right huff at the moment, but she's slowly warming up to us.
Here's Penny:

Tote-ally cute

Wow, can't believe I just used that title....I can't believe something like that even managed to enter my brain it's so cheesy.

Anyhow, I made myself a tote to express my love for rats:

And then my friend loved it and wanted one with a tortoise on:

Keeping Organised

All of my orders were being kept on the trunk of a wooden elephant- not very good for easy viewing.
So I made myself a pin board and now it's much easier to see everything at a glance!


Going from a full-time degree plus a part-time job to just a part time job has left me with a lot of time, so I've been making a lot recently.

One very bored day I decided to make these cushions:

For anyone that wants to make them, they were very easy. I didn't have a pattern, just drew the shape of the owl on the fabric- that's the back.
Then draw another on the fabric you want for his head. Cut the bottom off and draw round this on the fabric you want for the tummy- stitch them together. Then draw some wings and cut them out. Pin them onto your owl front and cut round them. Then sew the wings to the owl front. I did a zig-zag stitch over the seam to a) flatten it a little and b) it just looks cute :)

Then cut out two circles, one smaller than the other. Applique the largest circle onto his face, and then applique the smaller circle inside. Then stitch a button in the middle of that. Cut out a triangle and applique this on his face for a nose. Then stitch the two halves together leaving a gap, turn right side out and stuff. Slip-stitch the gap.

This is a great project for using up small scraps and because you make the pattern you can use any size scrap you have.

My dresses

I've posted a lot about nails and baking, but I've been missing out the craft side. That is not to say I haven't been crafting, I've just been bad at posting it!

So first up is the little collection of dresses I've made.
I'm hoping to get more into my own homemade clothes now I've got more time on my hands. I should also point out that the mannequin (which was a bargain- picked it up from a shop that was closing down!) is 2 dress sizes smalles than me and also lacking in the boob department (!) so I have to pin them as best I can, so they may look a little weird. One day I'll get a dress form, one day...... <3

The first 2 were before I had my machine, so I had to hand stitch them! Now I've been drawn into the world of the machine I could never go back to hand stitching. Just thinking about all those hours....

Anyway, here's the first dress I ever made:

Upcycled from an old net curtain!!

Second dress: (very wrinkled!)

Third dress- first dress with the machine <3

And here's one I made without a pattern. It took ages to work out how to shape the bust with all those pleats- they were actually the initial idea behind the dress. Then there's some netting underneath the skirt to poof it out a bit, which doesn't show up well with the pinning thing

I made that last dress about 2 years ago. I think my sewing skills have improved massively since then so I'm hoping my next dress will be more professional- looking. It's going to be pale yellow with swallows on it :)

Monday, 30 April 2012

Apple, cinnamon and maple cookies

Apple, cinnamon and maple cookies. This might seem like too much to you, or it might be right up your street. Trust me, they are divine!

I'm going to get a recipe up here soon- I'll be honest I made these for the first time the other day and just kind of winged it, so I'll need to get some proper measurements before I can make a recipe.

But if you're looking for inspiration-try this. Add cinnamon, a little mixed spice, chopped apple and a dollop of maple syrup into your cookie mix. You won't regret it ;)

Favourite polishes

This will be a post that I update from time to time as I acquire new things :)

My first favourite polish is Stargazer's Chrome Polish 232.
Stargazer Chrome

It comes in other 'chrome' colours too, but this is definitely my favourite so far. I can't tell you how shiny this polish is. It's so reflective it just looks like actual metal on your fingers! it has a really nice consistency too, so is easy to apply, and for a few quid how can you go wrong?!

I also love the Asda George polishes. Not the short stubby round ones in bags, but the long curvy pots. I have yet to find a polish that dries as quick as these. All the colours are awesome and they're less than £2! Perfect for touch ups and keeping in your handbag :)

Up until last week this was by far my most favourite glitter
Rimmel Disco Ball

I still love it don't get me wrong- it matches any base colour or can be used on its own. With base it only needs one layer, and without base just 2 or 3. It's so sparkly and looks particularly great over black.

Last week I purchased this:
L.A Colours Sparkling Diamonds

Usually I think polish names are a bit pants, but this one really does look like sparkling diamonds! It's soooooo glittery! Even my fiance kept looking at my nails and going 'wow' and he doesn't normally care that much!
Only 99p in your local Beauty Base :D
If you ever find yourself with a spare pound I thoroughly recommend spending it on this!