Monday, 30 April 2012

Favourite polishes

This will be a post that I update from time to time as I acquire new things :)

My first favourite polish is Stargazer's Chrome Polish 232.
Stargazer Chrome

It comes in other 'chrome' colours too, but this is definitely my favourite so far. I can't tell you how shiny this polish is. It's so reflective it just looks like actual metal on your fingers! it has a really nice consistency too, so is easy to apply, and for a few quid how can you go wrong?!

I also love the Asda George polishes. Not the short stubby round ones in bags, but the long curvy pots. I have yet to find a polish that dries as quick as these. All the colours are awesome and they're less than £2! Perfect for touch ups and keeping in your handbag :)

Up until last week this was by far my most favourite glitter
Rimmel Disco Ball

I still love it don't get me wrong- it matches any base colour or can be used on its own. With base it only needs one layer, and without base just 2 or 3. It's so sparkly and looks particularly great over black.

Last week I purchased this:
L.A Colours Sparkling Diamonds

Usually I think polish names are a bit pants, but this one really does look like sparkling diamonds! It's soooooo glittery! Even my fiance kept looking at my nails and going 'wow' and he doesn't normally care that much!
Only 99p in your local Beauty Base :D
If you ever find yourself with a spare pound I thoroughly recommend spending it on this!

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