Saturday, 14 May 2011

eBay eBay eBay...

So I think in every post I've mentioned eBay, for it is my greatest love. You can get pretty much everything, dirt cheap, but it's hard to know who to trust in this big wide cyberworld. So here are some links to some great sellers, who I've dealt with and always deliver excellent stuff for very little money.

So every nail designer needs a set of basic brushes. Don't go paying silly money for a set, get 15 brushes here for a few quid!

The next thing on the list if you want eye-catching nails is of course GLITTER!!
Here, you can get 12 pots of glitter,in every colour for next to nothing!

Another attention-grabbing detail is always the rhinestone. £2!! Can't go wrong!

(And this seller has my favourite colour in their name- even better!)

So I already put a link to these nail foils on a previous post, but just so they're all together:

(So technically the link isn't ebay, but you do purchase through ebay, so it's the same! Plus, you get free rhinestones with these, what's not to love?!)

Obviously there are many more bargains to be had, these are just items that I own and can say I'm pleased with. As a disclaimer- I don't know any of these people and I'm not actively promoting them, but people deserve to know where to shop!
Also, I put the links to the sellers because obviously links to actual products will expire with the auctions. All you have to do is click items for sale and you'll see them on there.
So have fun with your purchases. And feel free to email me photos of your new found toys! Maybe I'll start a little gallery....

Fimo Canes!!!

Hello again everyone.
So I've gotten another new toy!! This time it's fimo canes; another nail accessory!
They're pretty awesome- they're like bits of rock that you cut up and stick on your nails. I mean they're versatile, you can use them for anything!
Here's the canes:
They're quite tricky to get the hang of; you need to cut them proper thin so they don't flick off your nails in the first 5 minutes! You can create some pretty awesome stuff with them though!
So here's my version:

Sorry the picture's not great. But you get the idea. 
They're really cheap too. I got 100 canes- which can be cut up to 100 times- for £4 on ebay! 
Gotta love ebay man!
Here's a link to the seller:
They are from China, but trust me, they arrive and I got 2 blades to cut them with aswell!

So my suggestion is, get some and try it out! You can get tons of designs so have a look and a mess around. Good luck!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nail Foils

I'm really into nail art and stuff like that so I've been looking for some new stuff to try out and my hairdresser had these nail foils. So I got some off ebay- 10 for like a fiver or something! Anyway they're really fiddly. I got them like yesterday or something so I've had a go, and after a few mishaps and trial runs, here's my first attempt:
As you can see, there's a bit missing on the first finger, and it managed to get all over my fingers! But once it's washed off it should look pretty cool. For a first attempt anyhow.
Obviously I'm no expert just yet, but in order to do it, you have to first paint your nails in a normal colour. Well I mean it can be clear just be careful because some patterns have transparent bits and then it'll look wierd! It's vital that you paint your nails cos they don't stick very well otherwise. (I found this out the hard way- what a waste!)
So once you've done that, paint your nails in a VERY VERY teensy weensy thin layer of  foil adhesive (again very important- firstly use foil adhesive, it's definitely worth the extra couple of quid cos nothing works quite like it. Secondly apply a very very thin layer, I mean seriously thin, because otherwise you'll be waiting for like 3 hours for the glue to dry. Or you could wait like 1 minute!)
So after you've applied this thin layer wait like a minute until it's totally invisible and pretty much dry and then apply your foil, pattern side up.(This is another mistake I made!) It's easier if you cut them into nail like sizes so you can smooth them better. Then rub the foil over the nail with a cotton bud or something similar. I find it works best if you then leave it to set for another minute or so, then peel back the foil to see if it's taken. If not then rub it and leave it a bit longer, if it has then voila!!
A lot of the time if you apply clear nail varnish it cracks the foil. But I've found that Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails doesn't do this, you can try your own though.
You can buy the nail foils I got here:
Night Floral is the one I used in the above photo.
Make sure you buy adhesive!!
Don't get disheartened if it doesn't work- it's proper tricky! But you'll get the hang of it, and I'm sure the next time I try it they'll be perfect!
Good luck!

First Post!!

So I'm supposed to be rehearsing for my exam in 2 days time, but I've got hiccups so obviously the best thing to do is to start a blog! I don't really get blogs, like what they're for, or why people do them and stuff, but I know they're quite useful when you're trying to find stuff out!

As a starter, I think this blog's basically going to be about me! But seriously now, I'm going to post things that might be interesting- maybe a new nail art technique I'm trying out, or a dress I'm making- and the big thing is of course that I love to receive mail, so if you have any questions or anything, fire away!

I also have a few pets so I might post stuff on here about them, that's always useful. So a short introduction to them:
This Joanna, a bearded dragon, most commonly known as Jo, Joey or Jo-Jo.

This is Frank, Joey's husband, except they've been separated cos it's mating season and he's getting a bit aggressive (hence the black beard!)  Also known as Frankie- strange name for a boy!

This is Nutmeg, a dumbo rat. Also known as Meggy.

 These two are Clove and Sage. They used to be grey, and one had a stripe on her face so I could tell the difference and now I can't, so they're not really known by anything else!!

Now when I reference them in future posts you'll know who I'm talking about! I think Joey's going to have some eggs soon, so that'll make an interesting post for y'all!

I just got my iPhone a couple of days ago so that's my biggest love at the moment! All these photos were taken on it- not bad quality eh?!
I'm going to go away now and redo my nails since I've been cleaning the oven all morning. Ciao for now!