Sunday, 3 June 2012

My dresses

I've posted a lot about nails and baking, but I've been missing out the craft side. That is not to say I haven't been crafting, I've just been bad at posting it!

So first up is the little collection of dresses I've made.
I'm hoping to get more into my own homemade clothes now I've got more time on my hands. I should also point out that the mannequin (which was a bargain- picked it up from a shop that was closing down!) is 2 dress sizes smalles than me and also lacking in the boob department (!) so I have to pin them as best I can, so they may look a little weird. One day I'll get a dress form, one day...... <3

The first 2 were before I had my machine, so I had to hand stitch them! Now I've been drawn into the world of the machine I could never go back to hand stitching. Just thinking about all those hours....

Anyway, here's the first dress I ever made:

Upcycled from an old net curtain!!

Second dress: (very wrinkled!)

Third dress- first dress with the machine <3

And here's one I made without a pattern. It took ages to work out how to shape the bust with all those pleats- they were actually the initial idea behind the dress. Then there's some netting underneath the skirt to poof it out a bit, which doesn't show up well with the pinning thing

I made that last dress about 2 years ago. I think my sewing skills have improved massively since then so I'm hoping my next dress will be more professional- looking. It's going to be pale yellow with swallows on it :)

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